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Ink-Less Scar-Stretchmark Tattoo

This is the ideal starting point for any scar-stretchmark restoration. After one treatment the color, texture and overall appearance will look refined and softer. Skin tissue will take up to 8-12 weeks to heal; and strictly following the aftercare instructions is essential for healing correctly. 2-4 treatments will provide optimal results. Patch testing the skin is done on all clients during the 30 minute consultation. 

$150-400 per area/per side

Ink Scar-Stretchmark Camouflage Tattoo

The ink used in this treatment is semi-permanent cosmetic ink; In conjunction with the tattoo pen, we superficially implant flesh toned ink into the scar-stretchmark. Color matching is done during the 60 minute consultation. A follow-up treatment maybe needed to complete the overall look. 

$150-400 per area/per side

Touch-Up  Camouflage Tattoo Treatments

This is an option for the INK-scar-stretchmark tattoo clients only. Touch-ups are for those who have faded ink or have color changes in their skin due to tanning.

$150-250 per area/per side

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