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Lash Lift Services

This treatment is an instant root lift for natural lashes. A silicone mold is used to guide the lashes up, while gentle lash glue adheres the lashes to the rod. Then the gentle/slow processing lash solution is applied to help curl the lashes. Followed by a nourishing cream. Tinting the lashes and lifting the bottom lashes is also an option too. Your results can last up to 8 weeks. 

Upper Lash Lift

Achieve a classic curl with just the upper eye lash lift. Custom silicone lash shield or rod will be determined for best results. Treatment time is up to 60-75 minutes long.


Upper + Lower Lash Lift

Double up your lash curl by including your bottom lashes. You'll need longer than usual lower lashes to achieve a decent curl. Treatment time is up to 90 minutes long.


Tint Add-On

enhance your new lifted eyelashes with a deeper color. Tinting can add  depth and definition to your eye area, just like mascara does. Time will be wrapped into your lash lift service or it can be a stand alone treatment(30min).


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